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  Adam Taurus || RWBY || terribull

  Alan Shore ||
 Boston Legal || perfectbastard

 Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin ||
 Full Metal Panic! || badborscht

  Ash Ketchum (season 1 dub) ||
 Pokemon || stolemistysbike

  Barney Stinson ||
 How I Met Your Mother || legen_waitforit_dary

  Barry B. Benson || Bee Movie || beeyourself

  Beerus || Dragon Ball || apurrcalypse

  Big Boss ||
 MGS3 || oneeyedsnake

  Big Boss ||
 MGS4 || betteroffwithoutsnakes

  Big the Cat || Sonic the Hedgehog || catfisher

  Bigby Wolf || Fables/The Wolf Among Us || huffnpuffs

  Bill Cipher || Gravity Falls || billuminati

  Black Mage || 8-Bit Theater || omniloathe

  Blade Wolf || Metal Gear Rising || freedomundefined

  Boba Fett || Star Wars || blastermaster

  Brenner || Advance Wars: Days of Ruin || hopeneverdies

  Brick Rowdyruff ||
 Powerpuff Girls || andpuppydogtails

  Caulder || Advance Wars: Days of Ruin || myownclone

 Cayde-6 || Destiny || doorknobs

  Damon Baird || Gears of war || bitchaboutit

  Damon Gant || Ace Attorney || swimmingly

 David || Camp Camp || campediem

  Dexter Douglas/Freakazoid || Freakazoid || huggbees

  DOCTOR BEES || DOCTOR BEES || beeprepared

  E-102 Gamma || Sonic Adventure || brobotslayer

  Edward Nigma (formerly the Riddler) || DC Comics || unriddle

  Enrique || Skies of Arcadia || valuant

  Flynt Coal || RWBY || brasskicking

  Fox Alistair || RWBY || scarfox

  Gaius || Fire Emblem || sugarbaddy

  Green Oak || Pokemon Special || perfectpallet

  Guts || Berserk || andglory

  Guy || Fire Emblem || killingedges

  Haytham Kenway || Assassin's Creed || becauseisaidso

  Hercule Satan || Dragonball Z || itsatrick

   Ichiro Miyata || Hajime no Ippo || crosscounter

   Isidro || Berserk || salamandork

  Issei Tsubaki || Full Metal Panic! || blindblackbelt

  Jack || Samurai Jack || righteousblade

  Jake || Advance wars: Dual Strike || wassup

  Jake the Dog
|| Adventure Time || adventuredog

  James Ironwood || RWBY || mobilizes

  Jaune Arc || RWBY || scraggly

  Jesse McCree || Overwatch || 12pm

  Jin || Yu Yu Hakusho || earection

  Jiro || Android Kikaider || angstbot

  John Marston || Red Dead Redemption || rememberthenombre

  Jorg Ancrath || Broken Empire trilogy || wherelovefails

  Kabuto Yakushi (pre-shippuden) || Naruto || scalpels

  Kabuto Yakushi (kabuchimaru) || Naruto || deadmenwalking

  Kabuto Yakushi (sage) || Naruto || therealme

  Kefka Palazzo || Final Fantasy 6 || gonnahate

  Kellam || Fire Emblem || outofknight

 Kenny || Telltale's Walking Dead || walkingdad

  Kenshiro || Fist of the North Star || pressurepoints

  Kenstar || Girlchan in Paradise || thatexplainseverything

  Kintaro Oe || Golden Boy || freeter

 Kira Yoshikage || JoJo's Bizarre Adventure || whathappen

  Knuckles the Echidna || Sonic Boom || legday

  Kurz weber || Full Metal Panic! || cockmyrifle

  Kyon || Haruhi Suzumiya series || monologues

 Leonard Testarossa || Full Metal Panic! || ant_ag_onist

  Lie Ren || RWBY || notstimpy

 Little Mac || Punch Out!! / Super Smash Bros. || dreamcrusher

  Lúcio Correia dos Santos || Overwatch || crossfades

 Lynx 17 || Overwatch || hyperlynx

  Mark the Tactician || Fire Emblem || superbmind

 Martin Walker || Spec Ops: The Line || allyourfault

  Mercury Black || RWBY || sarcaskick

  Mercury Black (AU) || RWBY || crutchety

  Michael De Santa || Grand Theft Auto 5 || theotherstuff

   Pres. Michael Wilson || Metal Wolf Chaos || fighthouse

  Miroku || Inuyasha || libidont

  Mondo Zappa || Killer is Dead || onthemoon

  Mordin Solus || Mass Effect || genophage

  Nagasumi Michishio || Seto no Hanayome || mermaidman

  Neptune Vasilias || RWBY || broseidon

 Norman || Pokemon ORAS || slaking

 Papyrus || Undertale || pastandards

 Qrow Branwen || RWBY || qrunkle

  Question || Justice League Unlimited || dumpsterdiver

  Raven Branwen || RWBY || brawnwen

  Razputin Aquato || Psychonauts || psykid

  Rick Sanchez || Rick and Morty || rickety

  Rohan Kishibe || Jojo's Bizarre Adventure || inkfast

  Roman Torchwick || RWBY || wickhead

  Rubi Malone || WET || ragemode

  Rusty Bonjour || X-Ray and Vav || rustinthewind

 Scaramouche || Samurai Jack || singsongsass

  Scarlet David || RWBY || poshbuckler

  Shovel Knight || Shovel Knight || shovelry

  Sonic the Hedgehog || Sonic (games) || nintendont

  Sousuke Sagara || Full Metal Panic! || drywall

  Sousuke Sagara ("Kashim") || Full Metal Panic! || whatbeautifuleyes

  Takeshi Sendo || Hajime no Ippo || supersmash

  Tenchi Masaki || Tenchi Universe || noneed

  Thomas "Tommy" Gregson || Elementary || 10_86

  Tony Stark || MCU || withaboxofscraps

  Tyrian Callows || RWBY || cruelandunusual

  Victor Fries
|| Batman TAS || chillinlikeavillain

  Vyse || Skies of Arcadia || justaword

  Whitley Schnee || RWBY || poshture

  Wolf O'Donnel || A Fox in Space || furcenary

 X-Ray || X-Ray and Vav || subparkour

 Team Aqua Grunt Zac || Pokemon ORAS (OC) || aquard
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Day 2 - Your favorite Character

This is an unbelievably hard question for me.  I love so many characters from such a huge span of games that I really have a hard time soloing any one of them out.  So, I'm just gonna list a few here.
My choices, as well as meme forecast, under the cut! )
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Day 1 - Your first video game

Super Mario Bros. on the NES.  At the age of five I was already distinctly better at it than my mom, which holds true to this day!  Legend of Zelda was next, and then Q-Bert which sucked balls so I played more Mario and Zelda.

Meme forecast under the cut! )
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Last night: Suspended from work.

Today: Suspended pending TERMINATION.

Have to wait until Monday to schedule a meeting with the union.

And my birthday is on Thursday.

Fucking super job, me.
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If you are entering college and do not know

1) who Napoleon is

2) Who Ghandi is

3) That Benjamin Franklin is dead (no seriously I have to point this out)

then you are probably not ready for college.

oh my god I can't believe people like this exist
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No, not just being in debt, or not just owing someone money.  These things happen.  These things are understandable, so long as there is a scheduled system of regular payments in satisfactory increments.  Hell, these payments can even be delayed if the situation calls for it.  If you owe me ten bucks and literally DO NOT HAVE ten bucks to pay me back, that's cool; when you have it, pay me back, and we'll be square.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

What does not make sense is to knowingly be in debt to someone - by a significant amount, no less - and tell them that you can't afford to pay them back just yet, and then go out and make frivolous purchases on expensive things you don't really need.  That, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is what those of us in the field like to refer to as "bullshit".  It's rude, it's insensitive to the needs of those people who may well NEED you to pay them back, it's completely immature, and did I mention it's rude?  For god's sake, this shouldn't even have to be said in the first place.

Pay what you owe.  You can live without stupid shit for a little longer. 
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I'm in Texas! It's hot because it's Texas. It's hotter because I'm here now awwwwww yeeeeeeeeeah

  • -People at IHOP have no idea how the fuck to get an order right
  • -I am never playing the game of Life again. Ever.
  • -It's... it's really hot you guys
  • -Seriously
  • -oh my god
  • -[ profile] tatch_23 , [ profile] leochan , [ profile] nodoff , and [ profile] megasquip under one roof. Hilarity ensues.

uh idk that's all for now :T
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Watching the entire first season of Pokemon makes you stop paying attention to most things in life. Like your flist. And sleeping.

Just a word to the wise.
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1. Put Damon Gant in The Love Hotel

2. See who actually wants smut with Damon Gant.

3. ????

4. Profit!
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followed by


have given me a newfound joy in LJRP.

What is a man, guys. An awesome little pile of fun.
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Image Meme - Use any variety of pictures that are already on your hard drive to answer the criteria. They can be drawings, photographs, screen caps, anything you want.

I played on hard mode; three pictures for each category.  Heaven or Hell, LET'S ROCK

WARNING: the images beneath the cut are both MASSIVE and NUMEROUS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, you know, probably NSFW. )
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Memo to myself for after work: upload those pictures. You know the ones
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Current Objectives:
-- Raise a team to take on Red
-- Get a Magikarp from as many locations worldwide as possible


Pokeymanz below the cut )
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So I caved and made a musebox! Y'all can find it at [ profile] gottatatchemall. Please do me a favor and go to the profile before posting, and check the second and third links (labeled "Muses" and "Fun"). Trust me, it'll make things much, much easier if you choose to enter.

Soooo yeah. LET'S HAVE SOME FUN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Posting the obligatory party post now so anyone/everyone can get in there.


Apr. 29th, 2010 12:17 am
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Naturally, it doesn't even take 48 hours for me to begin wanting to RP after deciding it is for the best that I take a hiatus out of RP.  Brain, you are a fickle bitch.  Gonna try to ignore the impulse for now since every other time I followed it I ended up idling out or becoming horribly inactive and I'd rather not drop that crap on anyone.

So.  Now I need to find something else to occupy my time and another outlet for my creativity or lack thereof.  Doodling isn't possible since my tablet pen is still missing, and I've never been very good with drabbles, so I'm sort of at a loss.  Ideas would be nice.

... On a totally unrelated note, anyone try the new Mountain Dew flavors?  White Out is pretty good.  Typhoon is alright, but I'm not wild over Distortion.  WHAT DO YOU, THE PEOPLE, THINK?
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Dropped [ profile] i_s_l_a_n_d_rp today.  Taking a break from RP in it's entirety. 

It's just... felt like a chore, you know?  Like every day I'd browse the comms and keep thinking "oh yeah, I need to get active again" but never really felt like it.  I've been nothing but inactive in every single game that I'm a member of.  It just kind of all added up today, so until I find my drive again it's super-hiatus for me.  Maybe it's for the best; they're called games for a reason, and when they stop being fun it's time to stop playing, right?

Guess I should start looking for another hobby.


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