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Watching the entire first season of Pokemon makes you stop paying attention to most things in life. Like your flist. And sleeping.

Just a word to the wise.
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Dropped [ profile] i_s_l_a_n_d_rp today.  Taking a break from RP in it's entirety. 

It's just... felt like a chore, you know?  Like every day I'd browse the comms and keep thinking "oh yeah, I need to get active again" but never really felt like it.  I've been nothing but inactive in every single game that I'm a member of.  It just kind of all added up today, so until I find my drive again it's super-hiatus for me.  Maybe it's for the best; they're called games for a reason, and when they stop being fun it's time to stop playing, right?

Guess I should start looking for another hobby.

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OKAY so I haven't posted here in a bit. Oops. Few quick notes!

-In a measure to organize my horribly unorganized AIM Buddy List, I've made a separate account specifically for all the RP faggots I know! The sn is MilleniumKnight, so please add that kthx. Also, when you do, just give me a poke on that screen name so I know to add you! Think of this as a purge too, so if I don't get an IM I won't be adding you and that would be sad. |:[

-I know this is an old song and dance, but I'm really sorry to those I left hanging in RPland. I've been a bit busier than expected with work, but I'm managing things now so I should be more open to threading now!

-I'm too cool for a third point.

-LJ why the fuck didn't you tell me my extra userpics were up D8<

Uh that's all for now. /o/;


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