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1. Put Damon Gant in The Love Hotel

2. See who actually wants smut with Damon Gant.

3. ????

4. Profit!
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have given me a newfound joy in LJRP.

What is a man, guys. An awesome little pile of fun.
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So I caved and made a musebox! Y'all can find it at [ profile] gottatatchemall. Please do me a favor and go to the profile before posting, and check the second and third links (labeled "Muses" and "Fun"). Trust me, it'll make things much, much easier if you choose to enter.

Soooo yeah. LET'S HAVE SOME FUN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Posting the obligatory party post now so anyone/everyone can get in there.


Apr. 29th, 2010 12:17 am
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Naturally, it doesn't even take 48 hours for me to begin wanting to RP after deciding it is for the best that I take a hiatus out of RP.  Brain, you are a fickle bitch.  Gonna try to ignore the impulse for now since every other time I followed it I ended up idling out or becoming horribly inactive and I'd rather not drop that crap on anyone.

So.  Now I need to find something else to occupy my time and another outlet for my creativity or lack thereof.  Doodling isn't possible since my tablet pen is still missing, and I've never been very good with drabbles, so I'm sort of at a loss.  Ideas would be nice.

... On a totally unrelated note, anyone try the new Mountain Dew flavors?  White Out is pretty good.  Typhoon is alright, but I'm not wild over Distortion.  WHAT DO YOU, THE PEOPLE, THINK?
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Dropped [ profile] i_s_l_a_n_d_rp today.  Taking a break from RP in it's entirety. 

It's just... felt like a chore, you know?  Like every day I'd browse the comms and keep thinking "oh yeah, I need to get active again" but never really felt like it.  I've been nothing but inactive in every single game that I'm a member of.  It just kind of all added up today, so until I find my drive again it's super-hiatus for me.  Maybe it's for the best; they're called games for a reason, and when they stop being fun it's time to stop playing, right?

Guess I should start looking for another hobby.

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Still waiting for the charger to arrive in the mail, but I managed to snag the desktop for a bit to make a list of things I need to do once I DO get the charger in the mail.

-Download Minecraft
-Figure out which of my characters would be suited for a Pokemon AU

idk this list was bigger in my mind.


Feb. 25th, 2010 10:46 pm
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For those of us who like to waste our time overthinking our characters:


You can either make your own entries, post it here, I don't care.  Me, I may actually stick a copy of this in some of my character's journals just as a reference.
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Writing this Green app for Island is actually a really fun experience.  It's like going full-circle, since my first LJ RP app EVER was of Gary Oak, for Island.  It sucked very much, but this time I know what I'm doing.

... just wish this history wasn't so fucking long, jesus christ I'm not even up to writing the summary of the Yellow arc yet and I have to get all the way to the end of LG/FR.  I'll just do a canon update for everything after that at some point.


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Okay so


What would a good name for an Albert Wesker journal be.
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OY EVERYONE LET'S THANK MY IDKBFF [ profile] leochan FOR ACTUALLY GETTING ME SOME ICONSPACE (and a couple nice Less Than Three icons).

No really do it.

That aside, it's amazing that my six-hour days always seem longer than my eight-hour ones. Probably because on sixers I get one fifteen-minute break, while on eighters I have that plus a half hour for lunch. It splits the day up a bit better I guess, plus it gives me a chance to relax and eat and chat with certain IDKBFFs.

Thirdly, did you thank her yet? No? You fucking lazy piece of shit go do it.

Now, I should actually GET TO SOME TAGS FINALLY. Been a bit distracted as of late.


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