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I'm in Texas! It's hot because it's Texas. It's hotter because I'm here now awwwwww yeeeeeeeeeah

  • -People at IHOP have no idea how the fuck to get an order right
  • -I am never playing the game of Life again. Ever.
  • -It's... it's really hot you guys
  • -Seriously
  • -oh my god
  • -[ profile] tatch_23 , [ profile] leochan , [ profile] nodoff , and [ profile] megasquip under one roof. Hilarity ensues.

uh idk that's all for now :T
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Watching the entire first season of Pokemon makes you stop paying attention to most things in life. Like your flist. And sleeping.

Just a word to the wise.
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followed by


have given me a newfound joy in LJRP.

What is a man, guys. An awesome little pile of fun.
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Current Objectives:
-- Raise a team to take on Red
-- Get a Magikarp from as many locations worldwide as possible


Pokeymanz below the cut )
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Secondly, the answers to the meme which nobody got:


Next... uh I dunno I'm just going to hug my laptop for a while I think.
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Watched two movies over the past two days; I'm not usually a movie person, but I was compelled.

First was The Last Dragon, a movie about a black kid named Leroy who studies the martial arts and is in search of the last level of enlightenment; "The Glow", as it is called. The plot is silly, there are random bad musical numbers tossed into the film for no real reason, and it's not exactly a masterpiece. But it's not supposed to be taken seriously, and if you watch it with that mindset, you'll find a surprisingly enjoyable film, with a few enjoyable characters (I must admit, Leroy reminds me of Sousuke, if he was black and into Bruce Lee instead of the military).

Next came The Shawshank Redemption, which is a COMPLTELY different sort of film so I won't even bother comparing the two. It's safe to say this is still one of my favorite movies of all time; it's not terribly exciting, but it doesn't have to be because it's not that type of movie. That's what I like the most; the movie is what it is, and doesn't try to be anything else. Everyone played their parts stupendously (Morgan Freeman, obviously, but even the minor characters were sensational). Honestly, I recommend this movie to just about everyone who doesn't mind a bunch of cursing and a bit of implied rape (it's a movie about prison, what do you expect?). THIS one, I think, can be safely labeled a masterpiece.


I need something else to watch now. Any tips? No musicals plzkthx
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It was fun.

Laura slept a lot.

My wallet is empty.


Oh, right

May. 16th, 2009 09:15 am
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Hey remember back when I insisted everyone thank [ profile] leochan for buying me a paid account out of nowhere?

She randomly went and added extra userpics to it.

She spoils me too much for my own good gdit. Thanks, princess ♥

Anyway, I'm up early.  Should probably start on that list of shit I have to do until it's time to start getting ready for work.  Room-cleaning, here I come.


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In 11 days, I will be en route for Texas, the land of eternal not-cold.  I have shit I have to do before then, so to organize myself I need to make a list.

[ ] Do laundry
[ ] Clean room
[ ] Pack
[ ] Ensure that costume arrives successfully

...I KNOW there's more I have to do.  Can anyone think of anything I'm missing?  Something specific, vague, whatever?  Anything at all?

I feel like there's something else I was supposed to address here.  Oh well.

In the wise words of my friend Steve: "I like online videos.  Everything's youthful or unusual.  Like a uranium radioactive alligator."

He may have been drunk.
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OY EVERYONE LET'S THANK MY IDKBFF [ profile] leochan FOR ACTUALLY GETTING ME SOME ICONSPACE (and a couple nice Less Than Three icons).

No really do it.

That aside, it's amazing that my six-hour days always seem longer than my eight-hour ones. Probably because on sixers I get one fifteen-minute break, while on eighters I have that plus a half hour for lunch. It splits the day up a bit better I guess, plus it gives me a chance to relax and eat and chat with certain IDKBFFs.

Thirdly, did you thank her yet? No? You fucking lazy piece of shit go do it.

Now, I should actually GET TO SOME TAGS FINALLY. Been a bit distracted as of late.
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Ever just feel like everything's good?

I'm there.

Now I'm awaiting the inevitable disaster that will spoil my mood, but until then, I'm actually feeling cheery and non-cynical.

Maybe I'm dying.

Cool beans.


This has to be the most pointless post ever. TO REMEDY THAT:

Everyone, suggest to me ONE (1) song to add to my musical library. Don't say anything like ANYTHING BY _______, because I'm just looking for a few random songs. PREFERABLY songs with awesome guitar work, I've been feeling that lately, but if you just really love a song that lacks guitar go ahead and throw it my way anyway.

You get a do-over if I have it already.



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