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30 Days of Vidya Gaems - Day Two

Day 2 - Your favorite Character

This is an unbelievably hard question for me.  I love so many characters from such a huge span of games that I really have a hard time soloing any one of them out.  So, I'm just gonna list a few here.

Damon Gant (Ace Attorney) - Best rapeface of all time.  It doesn't even look evil or malicious, it's just such an epic blank stare that you know you're fucked.  Besides that, this is the man who reigned as police of chief for god knows how long because he KILLED someone and hid it almost perfectly.  It's not take-over-the-world evil, but it's such a delicious brand of it that he will always hold a place on the list.

Vyse (Skies of Arcadia) - The complete opposite side of the spectrum from Gant, really.  Vyse always has such an optimistic spirit about him that when I played it years ago it really felt kind of inspiring.  In fact, his quote about impossible just being a word has always remained one of my favorite lines in video game history.  That and he's a flying pirate, which is badass.

Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid) - Who can't love Big Boss?  He's a hero being played by the government, a man's man, a man who will eat damn near anything.  His character ranges from hilarious (asking Para-Medic "how does it taste?" every single time they talk about anything remotely edible, and his box monologue as well) to cool (he basically mentors Ocelot all game just because he can) to tragic ( The last fight of the game ;_; ) and none of these parts feel forced.  He's a very out-of-this-world character who, at the same time, feels very grounded and  - dare I say it - solid.

Wain (Lufia: The Legend Returns) - This may be more due to my nostalgic love of this game than anything, but Wain is awesome to me.  Yeah, he's basically your archetype good guy blah blah help everyone save the world let's all be friends, but the game takes it a small step beyond by also making him ground-breakingly stupid and even a little over-sensitive (one nameless bad guy calls him stupid and he literally turns away from them and begins to cry). 

Yes, I'm serious.

I'm not sure what it is about him, but I love this guy.

Green/Gary/Rival (Pokemon) - How could I resist?  The kid's such an epic douche that you gotta love him.  Every time you start to wonder "hey where's my rival haven't seen him in a while" BAM there he is waiting in the shadows for you.  Seriously, he was waiting around in Silph Co. just for you to show up!  He says so himself!  Team Rocket had that place locked down, how the fuck did he get in without wasting all of the grunts that YOU had to fight?  Because he's Gary Motherfucking Oak, that's why.

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