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Current Objectives:
-- Raise a team to take on Red
-- Get a Magikarp from as many locations worldwide as possible


-Current team:

Hitmonchan: エビワラー (derp traded it on GTS so it's Japanese) | Lv. 66
I decided to put one on my team because hey, any Pokemon who solves all of its problems by PUNCHING THEM IN THE FACE is alright in my book. It has the three elemental punches and Close Combat so it's pretty versatile, but one hit from anything supereffective is bound to kill it and since Psychic is such a commonly used type he tends to die a lot. Might get swapped out.

Noctowl: Hedwig | Lv. 60
YEAH HA HA I NAMED IT HEDWIG HURRR DURRRRR. I wasn't overly wild over this one for a while but once it learned Reflect it came into a new light in my eyes. It's Sp. Def is pretty nice, so the Def. boost makes it more of a contender. Need to delete Fly though, since it has Air Slash and doesn't need two Flying-type moves.

Ampharos: Lambchop | Lv. 60
I gotta say, I'm glad I stuck with this one. It was stuck with only Electric-type moves for a while but now that it has Signal Beam and Power Gem it gains a lot of versatility. With Charge to boost its already impressive Sp. Def, it's a contender as long as it avoids Ground-types.

Gengar: Sinistral | Lv. 61
DANCE GENGAR DANCE. Anyway, this is one that was really awesome earlier in the game, but suffers the same downfall as Hitmonchan; one Psychic hit and it's down, no questions. The difference, though, is that Gengar has awesome speed and can usually Shadow Ball or Hypnosis first. If it MISSES or doesn't KO the enemy though, it's basically screwed. But I love Gengar so oh well.

Tyranitar: Tyranitar | Lv. 66
Took FOREVER to level up and evolve but oh my gooooood such good stats. It has a LOT of weaknesses, but it can usually take a hit or two even from those before going down. Earthquake, Crunch, Thrash, and Stone Edge round out its arsenal, so it's basically there to kick ass and take names, which it does well.

Dragonite: Dragonite | Lv. 61
Also took FOREVER but again, it was worth it. Doesn't have the same godly stats as Tyranitar, but it does only have two weaknesses. Thunder Punch, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Rush give it a good chance against most types, and Dragon Dance just gives me some more bang for my buck, persay.


Wailmer: Wailmer | Lv. 37
I don't even know why but I just... want a Wailord.

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